Single-Hung Tilt Window

The perfect solution for increased energy efficiency and security

Single-hung tilt windows deliver traditional double-hung beauty with improved security, lower maintenance and increased energy efficiency.

Double-Hung Tilt Window

The perfect solution for easy cleaning and increased airflow

The ultimate combination of traditional styling and current technology, double-hung tilt windows feature tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning. Open them from the bottom like a single-hung tilt window, or slide the top sash down for improved airflow and increased security.

Horizontal Slider Window

The perfect solution for unobstructed views and easy opening

North Star’s horizontal slider windows are as beautiful as they are practical. Offering a large, unobstructed view, our sliders operate with finger-tip ease and are the perfect fit for larger openings or in places that are difficult to reach

Casement Window

The perfect solution to complement any room

Casement windows offer contemporary styling and convenience in one package. They open and close easily with the simple turn of a handle, while they offer clean sightlines and an unobstructed view. Installed on their own or paired with other windows, they complement any room

Awning Window

The perfect solution for increased ventilation and light

Practical and attractive, awning windows are often placed above or below other windows, or above doors for increased ventilation and light. Hinged at the top and opening outward with a durable handle.

Bow Window

The perfect solution for an instant greenhouse or relaxing nook

Almost any opening can become an instant greenhouse or relaxing nook with a striking bow window. Comprised of any combination of four to five individual windows, this semi-circular projection from a room is a perfect, cozy retreat to be enjoyed for many years.

Bay Window

The perfect solution to create a cozy alcove bring in natural light

Few styles outshine the bay for beautifying a home’s exterior and flooding natural light into interior spaces.
Projecting outward from a wall at 30 or 45 degree angles to create a cozy alcove, any combination of windows can be used to create a beautiful bay window.

Custom shaped window

The perfect solution to enhance your unique style

Make your house not only a home but a work of art by adding custom shape picture or single-hung windows. Designed just for you to enhance the style and architectural detailing of your home.

Picture window

The perfect solution for unobstructed views and energy efficiency

The picture window’s simplicity makes it the most versatile of our line. It lets in light, but not the elements and offers superior energy efficiency plus an unobstructed view.